A snake and a wow gold crocodile battled for five hours in Australia and the snake won. On March 4, USA Today reported that a water python ate the fresh water crocodile whole and it was all caught on tape. A woman who had been witnessing the event decided to capture it and the videos have since gone viral.

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It cool cause I am not looking over their shoulder. Jack lives in Manhattan. And we cut the vocals wherever we were able to cut the vocals. Kiefer: felt really confident about the eight seasons we had done, and there was no different approach for me. We weren trying to retell the story. It was just kind of getting back into the character and the nervousness of opening up the can again.

So you see where I'm going ? Far more people go for a 460M/2630QM combo or a 460M/2720QM combo than for a "985M Super SLI+i9 HyperExtreme Edition 8 GHz Turbo Boost" [Sorry, couldn't help that ]. Starting at $1172 (Sager NP8130), it covers quite a broad spectrum(pricewise) and sells more thanks to its better battery life and portability than its "i9+985M" counterparts. The attention you've given to that isn't commensurate with the number of units that configuration sells or the number of models it sells in (Asus G53, G73, Sager NP8130/50/70, Toshiba Qosmio, Alienware M15X/M17X, MSI GT660R + all the boutique options)..

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