Meanwhile, it wow gold for sale became clear on coms that things were not going well. Basically Black Legion had a bubble waiting at each gate while the fleet was scattered around the system, bouncing between safe points and trying to find a way out. We had been well and truly screwed.

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address those concerns, we'd like to make it clear that the scan does not review or retrieve anything that's personally identifiable." The post refused to go into detail about what The Warden does scan, citing the need to protect the company's own proprietary processes from malicious exploitation.

However, that feeling of safety quickly faded as multiple barbarian camps formed up at either end of my stretch of territory. I spent something on the order of 2,000 years battling barbarians as they attempted to swarm my city. They captured an early settler and I ended up having to put production into full military mode for a while in order to suppress these uprisings..

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Using the simulated uptimes, the damage average at Pre Raid gear level with 30% deep insight is 16.8%. With Empowered Bandit Guile it goes up to 23.4%. A 5 second delay at moderate insight represents a damage increase to 17.1% with a 30% Deep Insight and a damage loss to 23.0% with a 50% Deep Insight..

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